Reasons Why Patients waited to Visit Emergency Departments

Most of the people have no idea about the difference between urgent medical care and ERP or doctor's office visit. It is important to understand the difference so that you can make your choice depending on your situation. Medical urgent care is the most appropriate choice for a patient who has some severe health problems that require immediate attention. These health problems may be of any nature ranging from common problems like headache, backache to life-threatening issues like heart attack or stroke. If you experience any such problem in an emergency medical facility, then immediately get emergency care at the earliest possible time.

The other difference between the emergency room and urgent care center is the waiting time. Patients requiring urgent care typically require treatment within the hour at the nearest ERP or doctor's office facility. Many hospitals and health clinics offer 24-hour services that allow the patients to get the required treatment within minutes.

Many health experts believe that people are getting unnecessarily stressed due to long waiting times at hospitals and doctor's offices. They are also worried about their safety while waiting at these facilities. In many cases, they have to remain in the waiting room till they get called for surgery or further examination. Even then, it is not uncommon to stay overnight at the hospital emergency rooms. This causes immense mental stress and anxiety and leads to other health disorders.

According to the researchers, this unnecessarily creates mental stress and anxiety among the patients who are admitted in the hospital emergency rooms. This may lead to psychological problems like depression and other psychiatric disorders. On the contrary, primary care physicians prescribe medicines to the patients within a few minutes and urge them to get immediate treatment at the earliest. They do not believe in making the patients wait for hours. They believe that the patient needs to get immediate medical assistance for immediate cure. Check it out here and learn more on the best urgent health care facility near me.

Sometimes, the patients are given medicines but they are not cured right away. Since most of the patients require urgent care, they are sent to the emergency department for timely treatment. The researchers found that the patients who went to the emergency departments stayed in the hospital for almost two days in comparison to the patients who stayed in the urgent care center for less than 24 hours. The researchers found out that the elderly were the most affected by this change. They had to stay in the hospital for days when they require urgent medical help. Click here for more info on this topic.

If the patients do not get timely treatment, they may be suffering from various non-life threatening illnesses. For instance, they may be suffering from chest pain and need urgent care. However, they cannot even bear the chest pain for three days and need urgent medical help. This would lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, emphysema, asthma, COPD and other lung diseases. Hence, it is very important to give priority to non-life threatening illnesses at the early stage and visit the emergency department when you feel any such problems. Check out this blog to get enlightened on this topic:

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